The Simone Pérèle bra is a technically very complex product. The process of its manufacturing may be comparable to the handicraft of a watchmaker: when creating one bra, 25 different parts are assembled together in a very careful way.
The original designs of Simone Pérèle lace are created exclusively on the basis of sketches drawn by Katy Charles, the art director of Simone Pérèle, and there is also a range of noble and sophisticated shades developed for each line.

Skill in handling colors has always been an advantage of Simone Pérèle style. Each color in the collection is unique, it is created in accordance with the trends of the season in collaboration with the best fabrics suppliers participating in the development of each style, allowing you to achieve the perfect shade.

Taking the matchless French style as a basis, in 1948 the couple Simone Pérèle and Wolf Grodner founded a company manufacturing corsetry. Impeccable knowledge of women's wardrobe and understanding of women’s needs made a good start to Simone Pérèle brand.

Madame Pérèle made a real revolution by offering elegant sets that kept their shape perfectly and had a soft touch unlike the uncomfortable, coarse lace styles. Simone Pérèle brand manufactured so light and weightless underwear that it gave a feeling of its absolute absence in wear. This property was highly appreciated by women of the age of feminism in Europe what ensured the further success of the brand.

Today, thanks to the professional knowledge of the female body, Simone Pérèle company emphasizes and glorifies the beauty of the female silhouette – that is not just beautiful lingerie, but an irresistible image and lifestyle that are created by the brand. Simone Pérèle helps to awaken a brave and independent woman who is inside each of you, because self-esteem is a beauty that is now on trend.

Simone Pérèle reflects the spirit of 1950s by offering luxurious feminine corsets that create a trendy silhouette with a wasp waist, provocative décolleteé and curvy hips in the New Look style.

In 1960, Simone Pérèle creates a unique Soleil bra made of nylon lace that instantly becomes a bestseller.

In 2006, Simone Pérèle launches the Andora line created using the innovative 3D Spacer technology – made of breathable three-dimensional fabric that provides maximum support. This style has remained a bestseller all over the world for 12 years!