LISE CHARMEL was established in the 1950s, and in 1975 Jacques Daumal became the head of the company and brought to the company the urge to always keep up with the newest trends and tendencies, to introduce innovations and advanced technologies in corsetry production. A development strategy based on brand values and originality of products – exceptionally feminine and elegant à la française – allowed LISE CHARMEL to get a leading position in the world of corsetry.

Today, LISE CHARMEL fashion house maintains its original passion for vintage handmade techniques, incarnating its unrivaled know-how in unique garments of precious lace and silk.

LISE CHARMEL silk corsetry rimes with matchless elegance and exceptional luxury. Exclusive Lyon silk, used by the brand, is encrusted with the finest embroidery and decorated with graphic design created after the motifs of artistic engraving on crystal. Precious shades and elaborate patterns transferred to silk give LISE CHARMEL corsetry sensuality and a special resonance.

While designing the collection, LISE CHARMEL artists combine in their work decades of experience in corsetry production and innovative developments that allow to process silk, viscose and lace. However, no matter how advanced and high-tech the process of turning design sketches into finished models is, it is hand work with fabrics and accessories that remains the most important part of it.

1970s – LISE CHARMEL together with Darquer creates the first embroidered lace.
1980s – creation of the famous LISE CHARMEL multi-thread embroidery, which is the pride and symbol of the brand to this day.
1994 – LISE CHARMEL starts a fashion on artistic guipure in women's corsetry.
1998 – launch of wedding collection.
2013 – LISE CHARMEL receives “Designer of the Year” award in Paris